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The Five Step to Process to Sonship

The Five Step to Process to Sonship

This booklet is a must read and necessary study for every Believer within the Body of Christ. Whether we realize it or not there is a progressive and evolutionary method to a church member’s maturation process.  There are many aspects we will not automatically know upon join our local family.
This booklet’s teaching is design with the new member’s best interest at hearty; by introducing them to best practices leading to complete church family amalgamation.  There are no less than 5 steps that we must all acquaint ourselves with to seamlessly merge into our new church family as follows:
1.Membership: Into the Body of Christ and the local church
2.Discipleship: Learning what you are connecting with and to
3.Partnership: Are you a parasite, a pirate or a partner to your church
4.Stewardship: Learning to be entrusted with the finer things of God
5.Sonship: Preparing to receive your inheritance from the Father
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